School-based Solutions

We have many highly flexible solutions that continuously adapt to your caseload by providing the right amount and type of therapy for your students. A to Z can help your school to save money by only staffing a therapist for exactly the amount of time your school requires, or we can provide continuous coverage to ensure that students have constant observation and therapy throughout the school year.

We offer both full-year, and short-term/temporary replacement contracts, and our therapists are trained to handle the full scope of school-based speech therapy including screenings, evaluations, case management, and parent/teacher training.

Other contract providers have many hidden fees that result in unexpected charges for individual items such as IEP meetings, screenings, and evaluations. Telepresence/online therapy options typically also have significant equipment charges, and provide distressingly little support outside of the direct therapy sessions. With A to Z, our comprehensive offerings are inclusive and predictable.

We take great pride in providing therapy services to our Greenville-area community. Let us show you the wonderful difference a local, customer-focused provider can have.


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